Experience T@B Teardrop Campers

T@B Teardrop Campers were introduced on the American market around 2003 and was manufactured by Dutchmen Manufacturing until 2010 when the T@B was purchased by Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers in Sugarcreek, Ohio. Pleasant Valley re-branded itself in 2016 as nüCamp RV to better reflect the growing line of recreational vehicle products including the Cirrus Truck Camper and a full-size European style travel trailer that nüCamp RV plans to release in 2018.

Starting in April 2017 T@B Teardrop Campers will be distributed directly by nüCamp RV throughout the U.S. and Canada through a network of RV dealers. Prior to April 2017 T@B Teardrop Campers were distributed through Little Guy Worldwide, though since its purchase from Dutchmen Manufacturing in 2010 T@B Teardrop Campers have always been manufactured by Pleasant Valley. nüCamp RV also manufactures the T@G Teardrop Trailer and has produced the Little Guy, the Silver Shadow, and the myPod.

nüCamp RV is delighted to become even more connected with teardrop camping enthusiasts throughout America and Canada as it works to streamline operations and to connect directly with its loyal customers. The experience of owning a T@B Teardrop Camper is unique and rewarding, and the freedom offered by this innovative and high quality teardrop camper is truly liberating. nüCamp RV hears from owners and enthusiasts everyday who are proud to show off their unique piece of teardrop camper art at campgrounds, rest areas, and gas stations from coast-to-coast.

Whether you are a full-time camper or a weekend camping enthusiast, you'll find that the T@B Teardrop Camper has something to offer you. T@B customers are as unique as the teardrop campers they own, and nüCamp RV loves to share their stories with others to spread the word about the T@B Teardrop Camper experience. So send in your T@B photos. Join the T@B forum. Connect with other T@B enthusiasts. Owning a T@B is about more than owning a camper: it's a ticket to a community of great people who own a fantastic product and share their experiences with others as they venture into the great outdoors.