Thank you for registering your [email protected] Teardrop Camper with nüCamp RV! Welcome to the nüCamp RV family! You are one of us now.

Your new [email protected] teardrop camper is more than just a lightweight towable recreational vehicle: it’s the highest-quality teardrop camper available on the American RV market, and it’s a great way to see the outdoors and to enjoy your time on the road.

As you prepare for this summer’s many activities, we have a few suggestions for getting the most out of your [email protected] experience.

Join the [email protected] forum. This forum of [email protected] enthusiasts is moderated by several nüCamp RV customers and longtime [email protected] enthusiasts. You will be received with a warm welcome from the most enthusiastic RV enthusiasts in America. They are knowledgeable about the [email protected] product line, and they can offer many suggestions and recommendations for getting the absolute most out of your new [email protected] Teardrop Camper.

Attend üCamp17 near the nüCamp RV factory in Sugarcreek, Ohio from July 24-29, 2017. This new event will be hosted by nüCamp RV as a way for members of the community to connect with each other and with folks from the nüCamp RV factory. The venue, Winklepleck Grove Campground in Sugarcreek, Ohio, has been secured, and there are 200 camping spaces available. This is the same campground where the annual Airstream Rally is held in conjunction with the Ohio Swiss Festival. Your registration fee of $149 per space includes a welcome gift, one catered breakfast and one catered dinner provided by your friends at nüCamp RV. NOTE: The price is per camping space, not per camper. A family of three, for example, pays only $149.

Follow nüCamp RV on social media. We are busy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We encourage you to share your photos and experiences with us and with the rest of the camping world via social media.

Finally, if you love your new [email protected] Teardrop Camper, we would appreciate it if you could leave a review for nüCamp RV on Google. We are always striving for a 5-star review. If for any reason you feel like you can’t leave a 5-star review, we want to know about it so that we can resolve any issues that you may have had. Just give us a call at 330-852-4811 and let us know how we can do better. We want your feedback!


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