T@B 320 Teardrop Camper

T@B 320 Teardrop Camper Models

In keeping with the European model naming system,  nüCamp RV has recently simplified its naming of the T@B Teardrop Camper line. The T@B is now available in one of two models: the T@B 320 and the T@B 400. The T@B 320 is the traditional T@B Teardrop Camper that nüCamp RV/Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers has been manufacturing for several years now. The T@B 320 model line is inclusive of the following floor plans:

In our many discussions with dealers, prospective customers, and T@B enthusiasts we learned that the ordering process had become somewhat convoluted over the past several years. We have addressed this concern by including our most popular features in the T@B 320 and 400 base models.